Tipo Stampa Manages “Green Sustainability” with two new Komori Presses

Torino, Italy | Lithrone G40 advance

Lithrone G540+C with extended delivery

TorinoItaly -We don’t take environmental sustainability very lightly, it’s part of our mission”. With this statement, Tipo Stampa announced the purchase of two Komori Lithrone G40 advance pressesthe next generation of Komori sheet-fed offset built to provide customers with a world class ROI.

Tipo Stampa, with its headquarters based in Moncalieri - Torino, ordered a 5 colour configuration with coater and extended delivery. The in August installed press is the first of its kind in Italy. But the ambition of Tipo Stampa reaches even further, as they have ordered and second Komori Lithrone G40 advanceThis press, a six colour configuration with coater and Komori’s innovative H-UV LED drying system, will be expected in January 2022. 

The two new Komori presses, both with a maximum paper size of 75x105 cm and a maximum speed of 16,500 sheets/hourshare important characteristics according the Torino based printer. The platform of the Lithrone G itself, which has been designed with a full focus in the green credentials, and the model indication “Advance”, indicating the new line of innovative presses with enhanced productivity and improved operability.  

Komori produces these models in their Tsukuba precision factory, located in Japan. This modern 185,000 sqm production site offers both solar and wind power generation, certified as an ecologically excellent operation. With its zero-emission program, Komori puts the reduction of electricity and CO2 emissions high on the agenda.

Komori's ecological idea, in line with the Japanese culture, symbolizes the coexistence of the environment, people and natureThis concept formed the basis of the Lithrone G40’s development, a high-performance machine created with consideration for the environment and ecology. Komori’s green concept has three pillars: clean (prevention of pollution), saving (conservation of resources) and safety. By implementing these three pillars, Komori has shaped the printing press of the future.


Tipo Stampa and Komori partner in eco-sustainability  

For Alberto Parini, CEO of Tipo StampaKomori’s green concept has re-confirmed their trust in Komori. With shared core values and similar dedication to the environment, people and nature, Tipo Stampa has found a valuable business partner to renew their exciting fleet of machines. Two reliable and productive Komori presses with up to 10 years of service are being replaced with brand new equipment.

"Being already a Komori customer, I had no doubts about the performance and printing quality of the machines", explained Parini, "but after a careful analysis of the market, I could see a perfect alignment of ideas and philosophies, in terms of eco-sustainability, between us and the Japanese company which, in my opinion, is currently a leader in the development and production of machines that respect a series of sustainability principles."

The first principle is based on pollution prevention, which is reflecting the use of printing materials. The reduction of consumables, lubricants and grease required. Equipped with a Komori’s innovative H-UV LED drying system there is no need for spray powder, reducing consumption and realizing a better press room environment. The second fundamental principle is represented by conservation of natural resources and less print waste, resulting reduced paper and ink usage. Last but not least, the safety aspect, which translates into less noises and unpleasant odours, fewer solvents, more control over powders. The self-diagnosis, as well as remote control and interventions are contributing as well.

“Industrial artisans" with an environmental mindset

Together with two other companies, Tipo Stampa is part of the Turin-based Arti Grafiche Parini Group. With more than 60 years of experience, the Arti Grafiche Parini Group has been involved with the production of commercial print and packaging, offering a complete range of services and innovative solutions.

Starting form the core needs of their customer, the Group manages every single step that leads ro a finished printed product. From the acquisition of images, pre-press, customer support throughout the creative process and designs, to the executing of print and print finishing. Each project is considered unique, and their intense collaboration with their customers allows them to complete projects that reflect the character and expectations of each customer. 

With just over 35 employees, The Group reported a turnover of 6,5 million Euros in 2019 and operates in various sectors from fashion to design, yachting to automotive and cosmetics to food. In particaur the world of art and all sectors that require high-quality printing are essential to The Group. “We are born in the world of art”, says Parini, who represents the second generation in the company. 

Until 2005, Alberto Parini worked with his farther, the founder of Fotomec, a classic protolithic business dedicated to prepare files for art catalogues. At a certain point, both realised that the photolithic business was gradually declining and more importantly, the company providing them with the printing services announced their closing. Alberto Parini and his father utilized this opportunity and took over the print business, followed by a complete restricting which has resulted in the Tipo Stampa of today. 

The art remained at the business, with the production of art books in addition to commercial printed matters. However their focus continuously shifts by influences of the market, with currently their vison on cardboard and packaging. Their incredible focus in quality and services, is being expanded to other fields as well. In the recent years, Tipo Stampa has directed their investments in favour of sustainable printing processes and materials. 

During the lockdown, with the help of a journalist and a graphic designer, Tipo Stampa created a marketing tool called "Green printing", dedicated to eco-sustainable materials and processes as well as environmental certifications. It combines and education element with visual examples of extreme recycled papers. This catalogue was the result of an interview with numerous paper mills, which have shown that they have great professionalism in terms of eco-sustainability. Tipo Stampa collected the series of recycled and non-recycled papers, all FSC, as well as a series of useful information to understand certifications, materials and processes.

Efficiency for winning new market shares

The dedication to eco-sustainability has inspired Tipo Stampa execute responsible investments over the last couple of years, with now the addition of two new Komori GL40 advance presses. Their certifications are independent prove of their ambitions, the company uses FSC-certified papers and is close to achieving environmental certification 14001, ISO 9001 quality certification and 45001 for safety.

"On our site we also have an 'Info green' section", explains Parini, "where we collect a series of information and news relating to eco-sustainability, which we continuously update."

From this year, the Group is the official partner of Exclusive Brands Torino, the network that unites the Italian excellences of Turin and Piedmont in various sectors, one for each sector.

“During the pandemic in 2020, our turnover went down by 35%”, concludes Parini, “but also inspired us to make a huge jump in quality, in print and work ethics. Thanks to a group of software engineers, who have been working at our company for a couple of years, we have developed an ad hoc management system here everything is connected. We aimed to increase the efficiency of our production process, allow us to offer sustainable products and a competitive price to win new market shares. We are industrial artisans, we work like tailors who make bespoke garments, but with industrial skills, thanks to the most recent technological investments."

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