Establishment of Printed Electronics Elemental Technology Development Center (PEDEC) at Tsukuba Plant

Komori views the printed electronics business as a growth business. PEDEC was established to build a foundation for the development of elemental technologies and to create technological competitiveness to respond to the rapid evolution of the electronics industry.

The facility is equipped with a Class 1000 cleanroom, which requires a high level of air cleanliness, and basic analytical equipment, providing an environment for the applied development of advanced printing electronics. In addition to its own elemental technology development, Komori will utilize this center as a platform to promote open innovation through joint development with partner companies and industry-academia, continuing to explore the potential of PE technology.

Komori will continue to contribute to society through advanced technology development for customer kando – delivering customer satisfaction beyond expectations. We sincerely appreciate your continued patronage of our products and services.

PEDEC at Tsukuba Plant

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